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Technical Specs

Curtain Walls


This new system has been designed for the construction of stick walls with external capping to manufacture vertical and straight fac;:ades or skylights (as an alternative to the SL60 system) that allows the manufacturer to save in terms of the weight of the product and labor expenses. The series is formed by sections characterized by the overall front dimensions of 50mm that still maintains the static features ideal for the high floor to floor distance and capacity loads.

Two new thermal break profiles (outer and inner frames) are available for the open-able part of the structure either in structural glazing or with mechanical retain of the glass.

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Technical Features

Raw materials

  • Extruded sections in alloy primary aluminum EN AW-6060 [UN I EN 755-2) T5
  • Gaskets/static and dynamics in EPDM compound

Thermal Transmittance

Average heat transmission of the facade grid between 1.3- 2.4W/m2 K [depending on the hermal components and the gaskets used) figure calculated according to EN 13947 international standard by validated software.


The mullions with a width of 50 mm are available with a depth from 55-130 mm for almost any projecting requirement, with a traditional shape or with double half mullion variations. The pressure plate is offered not only in the traditional version with a normal cover and bull nose but also in a flat version with cased screws.

The transoms also have a width of 50 mm and are fixed into place with frontal self tapping screws and with a unified holding system on all of the profiles that allows a layered frontal Insertion. Specific additional profiles have been designed for the fabrication of skylights making several types of solutions possible.

The structure sections have been given two tracks to permit ventilation of the glass pane and external drainage in case of water infiltration. The expansion joint of the mullion has been designed with the use of antifriction elements in synthetic resin so that it can silently absorb the sound caused by the movement and thermal dilatation of the facade. The same profiles used for the expansion joint can be used to strengthen the vertical element and increase the static features.


The profiles for the front grid allow the installation of glass from 5-38 mm thickness. The glass is held into place with a pressure plate with internal and external gaskets. A omplete range of vulcanized EPDM angles is available for the internal holding.

Open able Elements

The top hanging window frames [exclusively in thermal break version) are available with options like a mechanical retain or structural glazing. The profiles allow the direct installation of self balancing friction stays without the assistance of any particular fixing kit. The open able frames can be blocked along the entire perimeter to guarantee a perfect tightness for large scale models or in case negative pressure is very high. The SL50 system can be combined with insulated doors from the 67 IW, 63 10, or 70 10 ALUK series and turn and tilt windows are available-for particular insulated frames with hidden or concealed inner frames.

Possible manufacturing solutions

Vertical curtain walls and skylights with the possibility of inserting projecting windows or turn and tilt frames and doors at the main entrance.

We kindly remind costumers that curtain walls without structural glazing must undergo regulation CE stamped testing for the European Directive 89/106 for Construction Products before being released on the market. This testing is at the Constructer's responsibility and must conform to UNI EN 13830 regulations.